Stop being the "BIGGIE" of the group. Become a "Loser". See results today & blow them away!!!

What is The Loser Pill?

An all-natural chinese herbal supplement, XIU TANG, that supports the weight loss goal, helping appetite, reducing calorie consumption and increasing energy level. It also gives a feeling of fullness and helps to reduce hunger pains and cravings. Cleanse your body, reduce unwanted fats and gain an enviable figure. It has antioxidants and cleansing ingredients that help through this detoxification process. Extremely potent detox cleansers as well as weight loss catalysts for people who want to loss weight quickly and safe


Directions -

Take 2 pills first thing in the morning. Drink plenty of water, at least 64 to 80 oz of water daily. The more water you drink the more beneficial this product is. Do not change your diet. This is not the time to start eating a healthy diet. The product will not work properly. The detoxification process is triggered by fat content, since it flushes new fat away. Let the product do what it is designed to do. Exercise or not, you will lose weight. Just let the product work. Don’t try to curb your appetite or anything of the sort. The product already comes with an appetite suppressant. You still need to eat! Enjoy the ability to allow nature to improve your life!

 *CUT CAFFEINE PRODUCTS (sugar, energy drinks, smoothies, sodas, etc). Caffeine products drastically slow down your weight loss process! IF YOU ARE LOSING SLOWLY OR NOT AT ALL, begin with evaluating your caffeine intake. I had to learn the hard way. You will still lose, but it will be slow and not as much or fast as you want.


Measurements -

Taking consistent proper measurements weekly, will keep you away from the scale! We do not encourage weekly weigh-ins with The Loser Pill, because changes will take place in your body's physical appearance (measurements), as opposed to a sole decrease in pounds. We do, however, suggest weigh-ins on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

For Women: Weekly measure hips, thigh, bust, waist, and arm.

For Men: Weekly measure chest, arms, neck, thigh, and waist


Ingredients - Green Tea, Rhubarb, Aloe, Astragalus, Polygonum, Multiflorum, Gynostemma, Radish Seed, Malt, Mulberry.


1. Barbary Wolfberry Fruit (support healthy liver function, maintains healthy blood pressure and blood sugar)

2. Dietary fiber (decreases level of cholesterol and triglycerides. It stabilizes glucose concentration in blood. Aides in constipation)

3. Lotus leaf (helps with insomnia, irritability, nourish blood)

4. Derivative of Bee pollen (natural energizer and allergen resistor)

5. Hawthorne berry (improves cardiovascular function)

6. Chinese yams (aides with digestion, fatigue, cough relief)



1. Elimination of fat absorption through conversion from white fat to brown fat.

2. Detoxification/Cleanse of the colon and digestive system.

3. PH balancing—reverse fat absorption, decreasing the bodies’ acidic level and turning you into a fat burning machine. Most people should expect to lose 10% of their total body weight during the first month of use, and 10% with each additional month of use. Offers easy absorption and is considered to be a whole food source and fat blockers. This means that each capsule includes all of the necessary nutrients and minerals that are required for a healthy diet. A common mistake people make while doing any kind of weight loss routine is lack of Fiber. This can lead to constipation. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. (Bananas)



Even though the pills are all natural, there are very few to no side effects it’s still new to your body. Some people on occasion experience:

  1. Dry Mouth - comes from dehydration from increased thermo genesis (always drink plenty of water).
  2. Caffeine Withdrawals - those who consume any form of caffeine on a daily basis most often experience “withdrawal headaches” which should subside in a few days.

*If you experience headaches there may be two reasons:

  1. You‘re not eating enough daily or you’re not drinking enough water,
  2. You're drinking to much caffeine


1. CLEANSING & DETOXING (1-3 MONTHS) - The first month you may go to the bathroom more than usual. This is the process is called DETOXING. Once the body is rid of these harmful toxins, you will go back to a regular bowel movement.  The reason many of us have a weight gain problem, is because of the harmful toxins we intake in our everyday activities, THIS SLOWS down our metabolism.. SO NOT GOING TO BATHROOM DOESN'T MEAN IT STOPPED WORKING IT MEANS YOUR BODY HAS DETOXED (DEPENDING ON YOUR BODY THIS CAN BE 30 DAYS OR MORE)
2. RESHAPE & MAINTENANCE: This stage reshapes the body. The Loser Pill main focus is the waist, abdomen, and neck. The Loser Pill will make your figure more symmetrical and toned. It maintains the weight loss and inches by balancing everything after detox and cleansing.